A solid guarantee of professionalism

  • As a financial partner, SOFICATRA will provide you with the necessary means to develop your company without interfering in your day-to-day management. SOFICATRA is a minority partner and aims to be discrete but nonetheless in touch with the concerns of the management.
  • We offer a highly skilled team of experts and can therefore guarantee a professional service to ensure the long-term growth, efficiency and independence of our customers.
  • The cornerstone of our professionalism is the background of the members who make up the SOFICATRA network and the know-how and experience that we have acquired over the years.


Your concerns

Our solutions



  • Our company is constantly growing, but our bank manager is reluctant to increase his credit line; although we must invest!
  • Our company wants to launch a new line of products and increase its turnover. How can we finance this project?
  • etc.


Growth capital by the following means:

  • Minority shareholding under conditions negotiated by common agreement
  • Additional advance
  • Long-term participating loan (7 to 10 years)
  • Convertible bonds
  • ...


Our company must join forces with a foreign colleague and set up a new company with him. How should we proceed?


Finance and legal assistance


To acquire the necessary additional funds to develop the company, we intend to sell some of the shares to the personnel or increase the capital by involving them.


Financing of the redemption of shares or increase in capital on behalf of the personnel


Our company needs x Euros to finance its operations. Where can we get this money?


Drafting of a financial plan which is tailored in terms of amounts, financing partners and financial and tax engineering


We want to take over a company.

Intervention in your company and/or in the target company (whether or not it is established abroad)

The expected return on our interventions is based on market practices. We are your company partners: our aim is therefore to benefit together from the development of your company.


SOFICATRA - the guarantee of an ethical approach

At SOFICATRA, integrity, probity and absolute confidentiality are of crucial concern.

Within the framework of the financial projects assessment and the provision of our services, we demand the highest professional standards from our teams. We contractually guarantee these different commitments.

In addition, SOFICATRA is determined to live up to its history and will always take into account the human dimension of your organization.

"What are SOFICATRA's criteria for financial intervention?"

If you are

  • an SME, a co-operative or an autonomous subsidiary of a group
  • a company managed by a motivated and professional team
  • a company that offers products or services that are correctly positioned on their markets
  • a company that can sustain its growth
  • And you have to
    • finance your investments, your working capital or your development
    • look around for a financial partner willing to support your internal growth (new products, exports, etc.) or your external growth (company take-overs, operational alliances, shareholdings, etc.)

SOFICATRA can provide the right solutions for you!