Your partner for company management
and development !

  To improve your corporate performance by providing you with the support needed to guarantee success in the implementation of your projects, which are the driving force behind the development of your company.

  SOFICATRA is your ideal partner because we offer two major assets: finance support combined with a wide range of services.

We believe that our common input should be a source of fresh profits for your company : your profitability depends on our ability to help you to implement your development plans successfully.

  Our approach and main concern is to trigger and monitor major changes within your company and to improve your corporate performance by providing the necessary support for your strategies, your organization, your operations and your financial structures.

This website presents
our financing network and

our range of services and consultancy resources.

You think that the world of finance is complex
and full of fancy jargon ?

SOFICATRA is there to help you find your way through this maze.

As a financing network and the hub of a network of consultancy partners, SOFICATRA has acquired a wealth of know-how in the development and financing of SMEs.

Our aim is
to provide you with specific tailored solutions in the following fields (among others): investment financing, financial engineering, consultancy on mergers and acquisitions, search for partners and training of executives and managers. SOFICATRA offers an array of complementary skills that make our team an efficient and reliable partner for the implementation of your company's plans.
We propose to develop your projects together, to join forces as part of a long-term common agreement and to provide you with the right set of skills that will enable you to reach your growth targets.

This is in essence the spirit of teamwork in which we propose to work with you.
Our contribution
Our basic aim : to help you develop your company

Our financial support is not limited to a straightforward equity participation in your business.

Furthermore, our services are not limited to a strategic diagnosis or to a few good ideas.

SOFICATRA goes much further. We offer to make real changes by supporting and initiating your company's transactions and alliances.

SOFICATRA is also a network of f´nancial and consultancy partners that covers the main Member States of the European Union. This network will provide you with the necessary support to set up business partnerships in Europe and elsewhere.
The internationalisation of your operations should not cause any constraint to your company development. With the help of our corporate culture and our internal structure, we can help you avoid the pitfalls of partitioning and of a country-by-country approach. Also, this dimension of our work allows us to mobilize and coordinate our teams efficiently - even on an international basis for more ambitious projects.