Are you designing or
      developing your strategy ?
Are you looking for real active partnerships or are you considering a take-over ?
We can help you :

study the feasibility of your projects and put together business plans
define your marketing plan from scratch to the implementation stage
carry out a technological audit of your company
monitor interna1 changes by training in the following fields: languages, finance, information, technology, work organization, searching for production externalization, etc.
define your project with a view to increasing its eligibility for acceptance in European programs such as JOP, ECIP, etc. (not forgetting, of course, that SOFICATRA is an approved financial intermediary for the JEV program)
evaluate your needs (financial, human, commercial, etc.).

Are you looking for alliances ?

The SOFICATRA network can help you find commercial, fïnancial and industrial partners throughout Europe. Our aim is to increase your competitiveness.

Are you considering offering your personnel the opportunity of participating in your company capital or even transferring all or some of the capital to them ?

There are a number of different financial arrangements that enable employees to become shareholders in the company. SOFICATRA and its partners have developed and financed co-operative structures and other profit-sharing mechanisms such as ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plans), MB0 (Management Buy Out), EBO (Employee Buy Out) and RES (Rachat d'Entreprises par les Salariés).

We are convinced that the involvement of the personnel (employees and executives) not only gives the company more dynamism and sustainability but also enhances the human value of your enterprise.

SOFICATRA can help you in the different phases leading up to the right rapprochement by helping you :
define a partnership strategy
carry out a sector-based study of the market
put together a confidential presentation document
identify and evaluate the main targets
establish confidential contacts with their shareholders
bring the parties together
undertake contribution valorization
negotiate until the deal is clinched
provide legal support

Are you interested in an European program or in European support measures ?

In this context, SOFICATRA offers not only the advantage of geographical proximity but also close operational ties with the European Commission in Brussels with whom we work on a regular basis.

SOFICATRA is a financial intermediary approved by the European Commission within the framework of the JEV program (Joint European Venture). This program is designed to offer support of a technical-financial nature to growing SMEs wishing to develop their business through a partnership with one or more other SMEs in the European Union (current program budget: 20 million Euros).

Do you have any other plans
or needs ?

We'd like to hear from you! We can offer a wide range of experience and know-how within our network. Actually, there is no aspect of the essential management and life of a company that is foreign to us. The results for your company : rapid and efficient solutions, the right contacts, savings in time and more efficient management.